Bruno and the Banana Bunch

26 x 11 minutes
Pre-School International


Bruno is a little monkey with a great big sense of fun! With his quirky sense of humour and childlike wonder, Bruno reprises his role as an age-appropriate playmate for preschoolers, inviting them to explore and discover the world of numeracy through imaginative play.

Bruno loves to learn new things about the world around him and has a fascination with numbers, shapes, sizes and all things math-related! He knows that in this world you can make anything fun if you just look around with an open mind and active imagination. Sharing the spotlight is a colorful cast of animal friends known as The Banana Bunch. They’re Bruno’s best friends and playmates; always there to cheer Bruno on or get in on the fun. The Banana Bunch are friends that Bruno can count on - sometimes literally!

As the only speaking role, our narrator provides a nurturing adult presence and gentle warmth that complements Bruno’s boundless energy and enthusiastic visual expressiveness.

Mathematics is one of the most important components of the early childhood curriculum. Bruno & The Banana Bunch aims to expose children to age-appropriate concepts and operations, giving them a comfortable familiarity with the elements of math and a firm foundation for later learning. More importantly, kids will learn that early numeracy is nothing to be intimidated by – because with Bruno and the Banana Bunch, learning is always served with a heaping helping of energetic fun!