Duck vs. Rabbit

Cartoon Network

Cuppa Coffee helped kick-off Cartoon Network's Duck vs. Rabbit marathon with a series of cutting-edge promos and packaging spots seamlessly blending 2D cel animation with 3D CG technology. Set design was inspired by classic theatre, with the background constructed as a series of 2D flats lit and arranged in a 3D space, much like a real stage. Textures were layered in PhotoShop merging the highly stylized Looney Tunes world with a classic real-world setting. The set was then constructed as a Maya model and cameras were strategically maneuvered to showcase and accentuate its grandeur. Clips from the original shows were then rotoscoped and digitally placed onto the stage so they could ‘perform’ some of their most famous scenes, complete with original set pieces. Other clips were composited into triptych frames and appear as wall hangings found throughout the theatre, mirroring those depicting Greek dramas.