Life’s a

20 x 22 Minutes Animated Comedy

Take 7 contestants, lock them in a mansion, jam in elements of all your favourite reality shows then watch the fur and feathers fly as they battle for 15 minutes of reality fame.

Life’s a comes to you from a luxurious gigantic mansion built in the middle of a wheat filed in Saskatchewan. The housemates feature all your reality regulars – the vein, the villainous, the meek, the manic, the jock and the just plain stupid – all forging alliances, exposing their secrets and double dealing in a desperate bid to become top of the reality food chain and avoid being made extinct. It’s reality gone wild and human nature at its best… and worst – with the added twist that they happen to be a bunch of animals.

Don’t be fooled by their cute exteriors, however. Conflict, drama and absurd humour is captured as hundreds of cameras follow this dysfunctional group over 20 half hour episodes. This is voyeuristic entertainment stripped bare with the kind of random twists and moments you’ve come to enjoy from reality TV – but you’ve never seen it animated like this before! And there’s more… each episode features an original music video from 20 hot indie bands.

Life’s a – Its Reality Gone Wild!